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Transforming Lives, One School at a Time!

Oct 19, 2023

In August 2022, we at the De Silva Foundation had the privilege of visiting the Sri-Ram School, and the welcome we received was nothing short of spectacular! 🎉
We made a decision that’s truly making a difference: sponsoring their school for an entire year, providing the nourishment they need to focus on their studies. 🍏📖
Meeting the incredible children, parents, teachers, headmaster, and community members filled our hearts with warmth and gratitude. 💖
But our journey doesn’t end here! This school has just one room, no desks, no chairs, and no teacher’s desks or bookshelves. That’s why we stepped in, providing the essential tools for their education. 🏫✏️
We’re honoured, humbled, and thrilled to continue our support. Join us on this beautiful journey of giving back! 🌍💫