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From tragedy to triumph

Jul 2, 2024

Meet Aksanti, a young soul who lost his parents when he was just a baby. His parents were tragically killed by rebels during the conflict in eastern Kivu, DCR, which changed Aksanti’s life forever. Taken in by a single-parent foster family, he found love and care amidst adversity. His foster family not only nurtured him but also supported his education, paying his tuition through school. Unfortunately, Aksanti faced another setback when his foster mother passed away in March 2023, just months before his high school graduation. Despite these challenges, Aksanti’s determination to succeed never wavered. Now, with the support of Child Advancements, we are proud to announce our commitment to funding his entire freshman year in the Ophthalmology program.

Aksanti’s journey underscores our belief that education is the key to unlocking opportunities for disadvantaged children and young minds. Join us in empowering more stories like Aksanti’s, where resilience, support, and education pave the way to a brighter future.